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Dude wanted to fuck Satan in a war zone 


Dude wanted to fuck Satan in a war zone 


Both Gilgamesh and Fate/Zero Next Encounter need to be Stopped.

Gazing at Archer’s expression, Kirei suddenly felt a sense of déjà vu. Yes — that was depicted in the illustrations of the Bible, the expression of the snake of Eden.

“Kirei. Thinking will not bring you the answer. It is precisely this sort of thought, chained by ethics, that has distorted your knowledge. Pray that you can obtain the Grail. At that time you will find among the things the Grail brings you, the answer to the true happiness you seek.”

“… But if it is like this, I will have to personally destroy the wishes of six other people before being able to find the answer. And if I seek the Holy Grail for my own personal intents… I must make an enemy of my teacher and benefactor.”

“You must first look for a strong Servant. Otherwise, how will you contend with me.”

As if speaking of someone else’s matters, Archer leisurely drank a sip of red wine and said.

“Anyway, as a necessary precondition, you must first seize a Servant from the others. As for what comes after… heh, Kirei, you’re on your own.”

As if now more interested in Kirei who had been again granted the holy marks, the scarlet eyes of the King of Heroes shone with the light of pleasure.

“To pursue, for your own desires. That is the true way of entertainment. Then entertainment will bring pleasure, and pleasure will guide you in the direction of happiness.

The road has been pointed out to you, Kirei. Pointed out extremely clearly to you.”



(…) Egged on by Archer, Kirei Kotomine, having awakened to the pleasures of depravity, leaves morality behind and satisfies his dark appetites. (…)  His unusual Master/Servant relationship with Archer could be said to be the show’s highlight. 

Ufotable on Team Archer.  Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II

Nothing else to say.







Date a man who’s good with kids. Date a man who’s sensitive. Date a man with a sharp suit. Date a man passionate about world peace. Date a man with an international reputation as a ruthless assassin. Date Emiya Kiritsugu

Date a man who likes to have fun. Date a man who bows his head in the house of God. Date a man who collects wine. Date a man who feeds orphaned children to a magical spirit in order to sustain him. Date Kotomine Kirei. Rejoice.

Date a man who likes housework. Date a man who is unnaturally athletic. Date a man who loves justice. Date a man who tries to kill himself in the past with the hope of ceasing to exist. Date Archer EMIYA.

Date a man who’s caring and sensitive. Date a man who has an appreciation for the arts. Date a man who’s devoted and good with children. Date a man who’s full of penis shaped worms. Date Matou Kariya.

Date a man that can afford to treat you well but won’t. Date a man who comments you appearance with killer lines such as “You look like a virgin.” Date a man who has a worse fashion sense than you so you can look good. Date a man who has lived with a priest for ten years. Date Gilgamesh, King of Heroes.

Date a man who teaches. Date a man with exceptional breeding and old money. (Old as balls.) Date a man whose very name adheres to the integrity of magecraft. Date a man who would enter a supernatural war of noble and heroic heroes just to impress you and look cool doing it. Date a man with a forehead as broad as his bank account and  a distaste for the Irish. Date Lord Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.


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